Diff Case Multitask Machining Center

Diff Case Multitask Machining Center WDM40-DA16

A compact single machine delivers space-saving, short throughput, high machining accuracy and production efficiency. Equipped with ATC. Up to 11 types of differential case processing are possible in one unit.

Diff Case Composite Machining Center WDM40-DA16

Excellent Jig configuration
Can be changed in three minutes.
Workpiece mounting position: 400mm.
Compatible with 660-4000cc differentials simply by replacing jigs.

Fixed Type left and right facing spindle
High rate of accuracy guaranteed.

Precise ATT control
4-axis NC control of X/Y/Z rotation allows spherical/end face cutters to be inserted into even the smallest of workpieces.

Tool magazine on the left and right
Each of the 16 BT40 tools (with ATC) is installed on the left and right. Tool replacement in two seconds.

Loading options
Workstockers, robots, internal loaders, external machine loaders

Spindle Right/Left-16bh
NC-Control device FANUC 31i
Spindle motor FANUC βilP12/6000 5.5/7.5kW
Spindle speed 6000 min
Spindle taper BT-40 Spindle nose taper
ATC Type Double-arm type
Tool storage Random pot type
(16 tools)
Tool Change time Too-Tool 2.5 sec
ATT Cutter loading/unloading time 11 sec
Weight 6500kg
Size 3350mm(W)×2410(D)×2200(H)
servo motor
X(R/L)AXIS 590mm 14m/min βis12/2000 1.4kW
YAXIS F19.5mm+R90mm 18m/min βis8/3000 1.2kW
Index AXIS F19.5mm+R90mm 20min-1/min βis8/3000 1.2kW