HARU Technique Laboratory Inc.
Company Overview
Company Name HARU Technique Laboratory Inc.
Representative Haruo Mandai
Address 3670-2 Kozuminamigata Higashi-ku,
Okayama-shi, Okayama 703-8215 Japan
TEL +81-86-208-3113
FAX +81-86-208-3119
Capital 3,000,000 Yen
Founded December 3rd, 2003
No. of employees 26(as of September 31, 2017)
Cliants ・TOKYO GIHAN Co.,Ltd.
・Maruka Corporation
Main banks ・Chugoku Bank
・Okayama Shinkin Bank
Line of business Metal machine tool manufacturing.
Business description ・Machines
・Omitting machine
・Concept design, drafting, production, and installation of cutting machine
・Design and drafting of inspection jigs
Main products ・Diff Case Multifunction Machine
・Diff case simplex machine
・Broaching machine
・Broach tool sharpener
・NC facing machine
・Centering machine
・Other special-purpose machinery
Main mechanical equipment ・Accurate surface grinder
・#40 solid machining center
・Outline shape measuring machine
・CNC 3D measuring machine
・General purpose milling machine
・General purpose lathes
・Drilling equipment
・Welding equipment
Languages ・English
Countries Japan, USA, China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Mexico, Vietnam

Our Departments

There are 6 departments in the HARU Technique Laboratory Inc.
Let us introduce you our colleagues!

HARU Sales Department

Sales Department

For customers in need of machine tools,
we are like the first step to make HARU to be the best partner.

HARU Technical Department

Technical Department

Very important department where plans and designs from the specifications of the machines.

HARU Engineering Department

Engineering Department

We are in charge of requesting manufacturing processes from the drawings of equipments from the Tech Department.

HARU Manufacturing Department

Manufacturing Department

We assemble machine for automobiles. Also we paints too that are the deciding factor in the aesthetics of machines.

HARU Electric Department

Electric Department

We do electrical wiring to the assembled machine. We have many things to do and complete the final process of one project.

HARU General Affairs Department

General Affairs Department

We powerfully prepare a wide range of internal environments such as accepting parts, documents, coordinating, and personnel.