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Reason why Haru Technique Laboratory is chosen.

Haru Technique Laboratory


First, we ask customers about their issues of producing industrial products very carefully. Our proposals have been evaluated and have solved so many issues.

Haru Technique Laboratory

High Technology

Our motto is "We don't change technologies that don't need to be changed, but we don't change the technologies that need to be changed. However, be very careful.". We're embracing new technologies focusing on cost, ease of use, and past achievements too.

Haru Technique Laboratory


We always talk with the Design Department to imagine what customers are looking for and how machines can be used more easily, especially those who use our delivered machines every day.


Introduction of Haru Technique Laboratory.

Company Overview

We provide support for factories all over the world
with our expertise in the industry.



As well as working in their main roles,
our employees provide support across departments.


Introduction of Haru Technique Laboratory's product.

HARU Technique Laboratory Inc. Broach

High rigidity frame with
high durability slide

HARU Technique Laboratory Inc.Diff Case Processor
Diff Case

Composite performance condensed
as much as possible

HARU Technique Laboratory Inc. Rear Axle Housing Processor
Rear Axle

Perfect series of
rear axle housing processing

HARU Technique Laboratory Inc. Centering Machine
Centering Machine

High-quality cutting rigidity,
our boasty easy setup replacement.

HARU Technique Laboratory Inc. Facing Unit
Facing Unit

Also possible to purchase
a single unit machine. Ask for details.

HARU Technique Laboratory Inc. Various Work Machines
Various Work Machines

Dedicated machines for
various types of work