Circumferential 4-direction automatic drilling machine

Circumferential 4-direction automatic drilling machine HFD-4


Simultaneous machining of cylindrical work from 4 directions

Machining time can be significantly shortened compared to the method
of machining multiple machines side by side.

Z, A, X 3-axis NC control

The depth of the hole, the direction of rotation, and the position
in the front-back direction can be easily changed.
It can also be used for workpieces with different outer diameter,
total length, and thickness.

A wide variety of options to meet your needs

Gear tooth and hole phase required. → Workpiece phase detection displacement sensor.
Want to automate using a robot, etc. → Turntable.
Worried about defective outflow. → Seating detection, drill breakage detection, external stage change box.


NC-Control device FANUC 31i
FOUR Spindle Spindle motor 200V 2P 0.4kW
Spindle Speed Max 8000 rpm
OTHERS Work position height 1000mm
Work size Dia φ100~250
Dep max 110mm
Tool size φ1.0~8.0
Weight 4500kg
Size 1990mm(W)×2300(D)×2200(H)
servo Motor
Z AXIS 120mm 8.0m/min β4/4000is 0.75kW
X AXIS 110mm 5.0m/min β8/3000is 1.2kW
A AXIS 360°rotation 4.0m/min β8/3000is 1.2kW